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Full Stack Web development - Becoming a full stack developer is one of the most intuitive and interesting job descriptions. By working closely with professionals and learners harboring under the same umbrella, Skolar’s full stack web development program also comes included with a promise of a job guarantee. Start your specialization in full stack development at Skolar today.

Program Modules

7 Courses

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Course Syllabus

• Giving overview about web development

• importance and opportunities in web development

• VS code set up

• What is HTML?

• Structure of Webpage / HTML Boilerplate

• HTML Tags

• Heading and Paragraphs

• Images

• Links

• HTML Lists

• HTML Text formatting

• Forms

• HTML iframes, videos, favicons

• HTML Tables

• block display & inline display

• section

• nav

• header

• footer

• Project Discussion - BACKTRACKING

• Git Installation

• What is git

• How it works

• Basic terminal commands

• create github repo

• Push/pull git code

• Branching

• git clone

• CSS Introduction

• Inline vs Internal vs External styling

• css box model

• CSS Box model, line-height

• Margin

• Padding

• Borders

• Borders-radius

• Background Image

• class vs ids

• Units comparison - px, percentage, em, rem, pt, vw, vh

• CSS Display - inline, block, inline-block, none, flex

• font styling

• Linear Gradients, Radial Gradients

• Stylings Lists

• Box Sizing

• float vs clear

• Grid

• Box shadow

• Text shadow

• Responsive design

• Button Styling

• Styling Tables

• Transitions, Transformation

• Animation

• Pseudo Selectors

• combinators

• n-th child

• operators in JS

• Arithmetic Operators

• Relational Operators

• Logical Operators

• Bit manipulation

• Decision Making - if else, if else if ladder, switch

• Loops - for , while , do while, for each, for-in

• Problem Solving using concepts so far

• i.How functions works in JS

• i.The scope chain (scope & lexical environment)

• ii. Block scope and shadowing

• Pure function, Function with variations of parameters and return

• JS Handson Functions

• Arrays

• Arrays Methods - map, filter, reduce, index, push, pop, shift, unshift, slice, some, every

• Arrays Problem Solving

• Strings

• Strings Methods

• Strings Problem Solving

• Maps & Set

• Objects

• this keyword

• spread operator

• DOM Introduction

• Accessing Elements using Tags, Classes , ID

• Changing Styles using DOM & JS

• Changing Text Content & inner HTML using JS

• Creating new elements and appending using JS

• First class functions (Anonymous function)

• High order functions

• Call back Functions

• Function constructors

• Inheritance and Prototypes

• Call back Functions

• Object.create()

• Class and objects in Es5

• Closures in javascript

• settimeout+closures

• Asynchronous javascript and event loop

• Handson

• Using Js Library Methods like Findiing Date, Time

• Clock Project

• ToDo App JS , Objects & DOM

• Call back functions

• Async , await

• Examples and handson

• Promises

• Promise chaining

• Local Storage v/s session Storage v/s cookies

• Different types of error in JS : Type, syntax, reference

• Call back functions

• Async , await

• Examples and handson

• Promises

• Promise chaining

• Local Storage v/s session Storage v/s cookies

• Different types of error in JS : Type, syntax, reference

• Middleware

• Routing Middleware

• Interaction with Frontend

• Promises in Backend

• Handson

• Adding Backend Interaction in Blog Project

• Introduction to Database

• SQL vs NOSql

• MongoDB Overview

• Installing MongoDB

• Mongo Shell Create and Read Operations

• Mongo Shell Update and Delete Operations

• Mongo Client Create and Read Operations

• Mongo Client Update and Delete Operations

• Mongoose Create and Read Operations

• Mongoose Update and Delete Operations

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About this class


About this class

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our wide database of learners include candidates that have settled into major companies like Amazon and Myntra.

Simple - we pick a selective bunch of students that undergo our tests. We handpick some students out of this list of students and equip them with the right learning resources and prepare them for interviews in our placement partner companies. Once the interviews are cracked, they can easily join these companies based on available job designations.
After training you for the entire program with rigorous training methods and mock interviews, we introduce you to relevant opportunities that start with you sitting in interviews and end with landing you a job.
Each program we have is priced at different prices. However, the upfront cost for you is up to 30% for every program you enroll in. The rest you can pay after getting a guaranteed placement in companies with an income of about 5LPA.
Some of the most popular placement partners we have are Amazon, Myntra etc..
Every training program has a separate price. However, for each course, we charge a minimum payment of 30% till your training is complete. After you finish your training and land a job, you have to pay the rest of the payment.
For now, we are only offering placement guarantees in programs such as Full Stack Web development, Digital Marketing, Data Science with Python, UI/UX and front end development.
Every training program will include the following things at least: - mock interviews
- regular interactions with professionals and veterans from the industry
- free training resources and ebooks
- interview training and resume building
- guest lectures and post-placement support
- a dedicated customer service
- 1 on 1 conversations with mentors
- regular perks

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Our wide database of learners include candidates that have settled into major companies like Amazon.