Business Analytics: Strategies for Data-Driven Decision Making

Students will explore various analytics tools and techniques, including statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and data visualization. The curriculum emphasizes practical applications, enabling learners to apply their knowledge to real-world business challenges. This course is perfect for professionals aiming to enhance their decision-making capabilities and drive business strategy through robust data analysis.


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Course content

  • Introduction to Business Analytics and its impact on Business.
  • Types and Overview of Analytics: Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive.
  • Data Analytics: Introduction to data analytics, data, information.
  • Introduction to IBM SPSS: Inserting Data and Defining Variables.
  • Data Cleaning: Handling missing values and outliers.
  • Fundamentals of Descriptive Analytics: Mean, Median, SD, Variance.
  • Data Normality: Understanding normality, methods of checking normality.
  • Hypothesis Testing: Meaning of hypothesis, types, and process.
  • Drafting hypotheses for real-life problems.
  • Parametric Tests: t-test, ANOVA, z-test.
  • Non-Parametric Tests: Chi-square test.
  • Practical implementation of statistical tests on SPSS.
  • Correlation: Types and degrees of correlation.
  • Practical implication of correlation analysis using SPSS.
  • Regression Analysis: Assumptions, regression equation, linear, and logistic regression.
  • Practical implication of regression analysis using IBM SPSS.
  • Practical Implementation of Factor Analysis Using SPSS: Data Import and Manipulation.
  • Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics
  • Customization, Automation, and Data Mining.
  • Chi-square Test of Independence and Contingency Tables.
  • Goodness-of-Fit Chi-square Test and Chi-square Test for Homogeneity
  • ANOVA: One-Way, Two-Way, Factorial, Assumptions, ANCOVA, Repeated Measures.
  • Direct Marketing Techniques, RFM Analysis, and Cluster Analysis.

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4033 ratings

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