Mastering the Markets: A Comprehensive Course in Financial analytics

This course covers key topics such as financial statement analysis, cash flow analysis, budgeting, and forecasting. Participants will learn how to interpret financial data, assess business performance, and make strategic decisions based on financial insights. Through practical exercises and real-world case studies, students will develop the analytical skills needed to thrive in finance. Ideal for aspiring financial analysts and professionals looking to sharpen their analytical acumen.


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Course content

  • Basic concepts of finance
  • Sources of finance
  • Basics of financial management
  • Investment, Speculation, and Gambling
  • Investment decision-making process
  • Investment alternatives
  • Meaning of portfolio
  • Types of portfolio
  • Process of portfolio construction
  • Efficient portfolio theory and practical applications
  • Role of stock exchanges
  • Functions of the stock exchange
  • Stock Indices: Sensex, Nifty
  • Meaning of risk and return
  • Types of risk: systematic and unsystematic risk
  • Risk-return trade-off
  • Investment Analysis
  • Types of investment analysis: Fundamental and technical analysis
  • Understanding investing in equity markets through real market case studies
  • Investing in IPOs
  • Investing in shares/stocks for long-term and intra-day
  • Investing in future and option contracts with stop loss
  • Setting price alerts and stop loss
  • Basics of fundamental analysis
  • Importance and various approaches to fundamental analysis
  • Application of fundamental analysis in stock markets
  • GDP, Inflation, Interest Rate, Repo, and Reverse Repo Rate
  • Porter's Five Model
  • Industry Comparison
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Conceptual understanding of technical analysis
  • Components of technical analysis
  • In-depth market trend analysis
  • Support and resistance level, and technical indicators
  • Types of charts with practical examples (live on stocks through trading view software)
  • Interpretation of chart patterns
  • Entry, exit, and holding in various market conditions for appropriate decision-making
  • Steps to apply technical analysis in capital markets with practical implementation live on a demat account

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4033 ratings

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