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About this course

Machine Learning is one of the most popular originators of data science. What makes Machine Learning the most futuristic and innovative technology is that it builds prediction algorithms using data. Be it speech recognition, recommendation systems, or spam detectors, machine learning learns from a set of data provided to it.

In our course Data Science Internship Guarantee Program with Machine Learning, we have carefully created a curriculum to help you get introduced to all the terminologies of machine learning and data science hand-in-hand. Because of this, you not only will learn about different datasets and how to integrate them with ML technologies but also learn about overtraining and techniques to avoid cross-validation.

Assignments - Our training program consists of a variety of assignments that slowly test your learning and expose you to real-world problems.

Instructors - Handpicked by the best, our instructors have been deployed to assist and counsel every student whenever needed.

Learning methods - Live classes and recorded videos, everything crafted to match your preferences.

Certificates - Provided at the end of every training program, authorized by some of the best learning institutions.

What you’ll learn

  • Master the most important machine learning algorithms

  • Classify images, data, and sentiments using deep learning

  • Implement machine learning on a large scale

  • Build recommendation systems for web applications and programs

  • Learn how to perform cross-validation

  • Learn about the different datasets and how to integrate them with ML technologies

About this class

What you’ll learn

• Introduction about datascience

• Introduction about machine learning

• ML terminology and process steps

• Python introduction

• ML terminology and process steps

• Python introduction python datatype

• Introduction about 6 datatypes

• Datatype theory (list programming)

• Tuples programming

• String & string method

• Dictionary coding

• Operator

• Conditional statement

• Loop

• Numpy theory

• Multidimension array programming

• Multidimension slicing programming

• Flattern

• Panel data analysis

• Datavisulization introduction

• Matplotlib programming

• Seaborn programming

• Introduction about eda

• Dataset cleaning and inserting

• Traditional programming & ml algorithm

• Intro

• Programming.

• Intro

• Programming.

About this class

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