Hybrid Electric Vehicle Systems: Design and Development

This course covers the fundamental principles of HEV design, including powertrain architectures, battery management systems, and vehicle integration. The curriculum is designed to foster innovation and prepare participants for advancing technology in the automotive industry.


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Course content

  • Introduction to Electric Vehicle
  • Historical Aspect of electric vehicle
  • Basics of Electric Vehicle
  • Indian Perspective for Electric vehicle
  • Drive Train of Hybrid Vehicle
  • Series Hybrid Drive Train
  • Parallel Hybrid Drive Train
  • Combined Hybrid Drive Train
  • Their advantages and disadvantages
  • Batteries of Electric Vehicle
  • Battery characteristics
  • Types of batteries
  • Charging Infrastructure
  • Types of charging station
  • Renewable energy concept for EV
  • FAME India Scheme
  • Motors for Electric Vehicle
  • Types of motors
  • Selection of Electric motor
  • Regenerative Braking for EV
  • Battery characteristics
  • Types of batteries
  • Introduction to BMS
  • Concept of battery management system
  • Monitoring and control using BMS
  • Battery Topology
  • Concept of topologies and their use in the drive train
  • Types of battery topologies
  • Basic of Design of Electric Vehicle
  • Concept of design
  • Problem based on design
  • Chassis for EV
  • Concept of Chassis of vehicle
  • Various types of chassis frame
  • Vehicle Control Unit for EV
  • Understanding of power flow in EV drive train
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Various types of control system

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4033 ratings

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