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About this course

An effective HR professional has two major qualities - experience and professionalism. Our HR course is something that’s going to help you navigate through concerns raised in fields such as management, recruiting, compensation, and employee retention.

With the growth of corporations globally, having a proper management section is vital to managing the workforce. A corporate sector now climbs the ladder of success only when the human resource management is there to support these people. Our HR training program comes with a guaranteed internship to help you set foot in this industry easily.

Assignments - Our training program consists of a variety of assignments that slowly test your learning and expose you to real-world problems.

Instructors - Handpicked by the best, our instructors have been deployed to assist and counsel every student whenever needed.

Learning methods - Live classes and recorded videos, everything crafted to match your preferences.

Certificates - Provided at the end of every training program, authorized by some of the best learning institutions.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the objectives of HRM

  • Learn about the scope of HRM

  • Recognize the functions and responsibilities of managing all levels of your organization

  • Navigate through problems your employees could face

  • Understand the psychological approaches to problem-solving

  • Apply the best practices for hiring and rewarding employees

About this class

What you’ll learn

• Human resource planning objectives of HRP, process, problems in HRP

• Doubt clearance class

• Process of recruitment, sources of recruitment,

• Selection process, job offer

• Training and development: importance of training, difference between training and development

• Types of training designing a training program

• Performance management- appraisal process

• Performance management- -types, uses and implications; errors and limitations

• Doubt clearance class

• Compensation and benefits-salary components, bonus, benefit types, ESOP

• Methods of determining compensation, types of compensation

• Maintaining and retaining human resource

• Career planning and development

• OB- nature, importance and applications, perception

• Motivation- importance, theory and application

• Doubt clearance class

• Employee discipline

• Grievance

• Labour laws- types and objectives

• Detailed discussion on laws related to wages

• Doubt clearance class

About this class

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