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About this course

A highly comprehensive designing course that can solidify your presence in the industry of automobile designing. With our automotive designing course, we familiarize our learners with the most advanced tools and techniques to create the most innovative and futuristic automotive designs.

The automotive course drafted by Skolar is a beginner-friendly course that gradually walks you to the advanced level of this course. The best part is that we even provide a guaranteed internship to our learners to help them familiarize themselves with the skill even more.

Assignments - Our training program consists of a variety of assignments that slowly test your learning and expose you to real-world problems.

Instructors - Handpicked by the best, our instructors have been deployed to assist and counsel every student whenever needed.

Learning methods - Live classes and recorded videos, everything crafted to match your preferences.

Certificates - Provided at the end of every training program, authorized by some of the best learning institutions.

What you’ll learn

  • Walkthrough the design and development of a vehicle

  • Learn the engineering concepts behind the development of a vehicle

  • Start off with basic design principles and gain a solid foundation in the creation of designs

  • Learn about gravity sketches and digital rendering

  • Learn what makes a design stand apart from another

  • Gain a technical know-how of software used to develop and design new models

About this class

What you’ll learn

• Introduction to automobile design

• Understanding 1point, 2 point and 3 point perspective and their application.

• Line and shape composition.

• Hatchback side view proportion sketching

• Hatchback 3/4 sketching.

• Cross hatching and gradient.

• Feeling and emotions of images.

• Sedan side view proportion sketchiing

• Sedan 3/4 front and rear view sketching

• SUV side view proportion sketching

• SUV 3/4 front and rear view sketching

• Automotive details.

• Understanding the role of light and shadow

• Basic knowledge of color theory

• Shading and hatching techniques pratice.

• Defining light and shadow on an autonotive surface.

• Use of markers of visualization

• Pastel rendering.

• Pencil color rendering.

• Watercolor rendering.

• Basic of photoshop rendering.

About this class

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