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A team of goliaths, mammals, and students

Unlike regular skill development, Skolar promises a practical walkthrough and know-how of things you have vague ideas about. With Skolar, we allow the students to experience a community of like-minds, backed by an unmatched teaching style.

Let’s help you

Doing things the ‘Skolar’ way

We elucidate better. Better because that allows you to unlock the maximum potential of the fields you are interested in

Personalized programs

Quite humbly, Skolar equips you with the right resources and the right training programs.

Placement Training

Includes multiple workshops and boot camps that walk you through the ‘real’ methods of increasing your placement chances.

Skill Development

With more than 20 skill development programs, start getting introduced to programs that are crafted to complement your needs.

Teachers that are not teachers

Instructors have a huge responsibility for the learning they impart. We make sure to establish quality filters at each step of the teaching-learning process.

Certified by top-tier organizations

Our programs are ‘ok certified’ by some of the leading learning institutions in the country. You’re going to find the presence of these institutes on your certificates as well.

Your virtual VIP lounge

That includes a bunch of free resources including ebooks, actionable videos, courses.

With the best kind of learning experience, we aim to build a learning ecosystem that contributes to a higher purpose than what we are prepared for.

To familiarize you with a members-only skill development approach and prepare you for the jobs, internships, and life overall.

To take our students away from a ‘qualification-only’ mindset and put their minds to rigorous skill development, an overdue course of action overall.

Say hello to our team

Say hello to our team

Meet the noise behind the steering wheel

Muskan Rastogi

CEO & Founder

Taufique Ahmad

Co-founder & COO

Taha Maknoo



Give yourself a professional makeover

Programs that make you go 🤯

  • Skill Development

    Get introduced to programs that transform your learning and walk you through the most practical learning methods.

  • Placement Preparation

    Whatever type of job you’re interested in, we provide adequate resources to help you crack it.

  • Workshops and webinars

    Invite us to your college, or join us in the ones we host at other colleges.

  • Adequate resources

    In the form of blogs, newsletters, and a discussion board that’s only limited to our members.

And, Here we are!

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Our wide database of learners include candidates that have settled into major companies like Amazon.