Skolar introduces you to a variety of courses and training programs that include Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Marketing, and more.
We have skill development and placement guarantee programs, both of which are personalized to help you achieve your learning or earning objectives.
You can directly check out our courses page by visiting here or getting in contact with us for more information on every course.
Yes, the demo video lectures will be available for recorded courses.
You can easily visit any course from our course page, click on ‘Enroll now’ and register for the course of your choice. After your registration, you will be sent all the information via your email regarding your classes and how to access them.
You can easily book multiple courses at once. All you have to do is update your cart with new courses and you can register for each of them altogether.
For every training program we offer, we allow a window of seven days where you can replace or refund your course. Beyond that, we don’t allow refunds.
Skolar is a skill development and internship training platform that not only allows you to find relevant career opportunities but even comprehensively prepares you for placements.
You can easily book a program at Skolar by choosing your preference. Whether you want placement training or skill development, you can browse our courses and pick your preferred course.
Skolar allows you to find courses such as Machine Learning, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Finance, and more
Skolar has the following placement training programs:
Course 1
Course 2
Course 3

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