Engineering design with catia and AutoCAD

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About this course

In our comprehensive CATIA online training program, we will walk you through all the beginner and advanced concepts of CATIA fused together with AutoCAD.

This course is really ideal for students and learners that are new to CATIA V5 as well as the ones that want to familiarize themselves with the schematics of new programs and tools in the field.

You will be introduced to the popular tools of CATIA V5. This enables you to clearly understand the application of tools and gain a competitive edge in the field.

Assignments - Our training program consists of a variety of assignments that slowly test your learning and expose you to real-world problems.

Instructors - Handpicked by the best, our instructors have been deployed to assist and counsel every student whenever needed.

Learning methods - Live classes and recorded videos, everything crafted to match your preferences.

Certificates - Provided at the end of every training program, authorized by some of the best learning institutions.

What you’ll learn

  • Design and development of multiple engineering designs

  • Popular tools used in CATIA V5 and its implementation with AutoCAD

  • Solid understanding of the schematics of CATIA V5

  • Work independently on different designs and projects

  • Make complex designs with the right tools

About this class

What you’ll learn

• Computer hardware

• Computer software

• Introduction about AutoCad

• Different versions of AutoCad

• Rules & regulations

• Start-up dialog box

• Imperial/english

• Metric

• Save drawings

• Open drawings

• User preference

• Ntroduction of ribbon

• Uses of different types of workspace

• Functional keys

• How to use templates

• Information about user i.d. and password

• Screen introduction

• Quick view drawing

• Quick view layout

• Zoom object

• Pan object

• Regen

• Viewres

• Limits

• Grid

• Snap

• Line command with 4 methods

• Absolute method

• Relative co-ordinate system

• Polar co-ordinate system

• Direct dimension system

• About dynamic input

About this class

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